Feeder fishing has really come of age over the past few years. There are now anglers who solely specialise in feeder fishing. That highlights just how enjoyable, diverse and fascinating the tactic has become. Our understanding of fish and the way we target them with a feeder has progressed rapidly. As a consequence, the feeders we now have at our disposal have been taken to the next level!

Long gone are the days of chucking out a hair curler with a bit of roofing lead wrapped around it! We now have a dazzling choice of open ended feeders out there; each with their unique properties and advantages. This can understandably lead to confusion. It can be bewildering visiting a tackle shop and trying to decipher which feeder to use where and why. Worry not! Here’s our guide to the different open ended feeders in the Matrix family. We’ll try to list their pros and cons, plus some useful tips to help you make the right selection and, ultimately, catch more fish!