Meat has to be one of the best warm water fish catchers there is! It has an uncanny knack of picking out the better quality fish in a lake, whether it’s carp, tench, F1s or even bream and skimmers. All these fish are partial to a bit of meat and it’s such a simple and easy way to fish once you get a few basics right. It’s probably at its best between April and October, which is when the fish are the hungriest. I’ve come to one of my favourite venues, Packington Fisheries, to show you the ins and outs of successful meat fishing.

What Meat?

I think Plumrose Luncheon Meat has stood the test of time as the number one choice of meat out there. It’s got the perfect texture and consistency – plus you can get it for around £1 a tin if you shop around. I know many anglers who buy it by the tray full, so sometimes you have to stock up as soon as you see it on the shelves! 

Jon is a fan of plumose meat