Are bream the new vogue species at the moment? It seems that as feeder fishing grows in popularity month on month the once forgotten bream becomes the fish of the moment. So what does it take to catch a net of these once forgotten old warriors? We set the challenge of finding out to Matrix media manager Craig Butterfield, but how would he get on?

I love catching bream, although normally it’s on the pole, so I jumped at the chance to try to put a net together in front of the camera. The venue is usually carp fished but there is a good head of bream and I couldn’t wait to get tackled up and get some bait in the water.

Getting out in the water is all part of bream fishing these days

The water level was down so it was out with the platform and within a few minutes my box was nicely set up in the water so the next thing to think about was how I was going to approach the session.