Warren Martin travels to Rookery Waters in Lincolnshire to improve your shallow fishing successes. The former Fish‘O’Mania champ tackles Magpie Lake at this popular venue to pass on some expert advice.

Rookery Waters offers some fantastic shallow fishing

When To Fish Shallow?

A question many people ask me is, “When should I fish shallow?” The answer is not always that straightforward, but there is generally a very high chance of catching up in the water throughout the summer. Fish will spend much of their time in the upper layers and will often give their presence away. Sometimes they’ll be feeding fish but sometimes they’ll just be basking in the sun. These cruising carp won’t always respond to feed, but even a sluggish fish might take a hook bait if you can deftly flick one in front of its nose, so be prepared! 

I will almost always have a shallow rig set up in summer. Fish might not respond immediately to it, but it’s on standby if they suddenly switch on!

Always set up a shallow rig in Summer