Is there a better feeling than sitting by a large natural water early on a summer’s morning as you wait for the tip to pull round with yet another bream? Unfortunately this idyllic scenario doesn’t last all year. Winter begins to roll in, the water cools and the fishing becomes more difficult. This doesn’t have to mean the end to the bream fishing though. If you follow Shaun Little’s advice you can enjoy year round success on the feeder. 

It’s no secret that feeder fishing is becoming hugely popular in the UK and Europe and it seems that more people are now looking at it as a year round option for their fishing rather than just something to do in the warmer months. The problem is that on large expanses of water, like Kingsbury Water Park where we are today, the fishing can become difficult as the water cools. 100lb bags are rare and it soon become apparent that it’s the anglers who work hard that get the results.