“Remember when you could carry all your gear in one trip?” “Remember when you could get two lots of gear in one car?” Two things I hear so many people say with a large pinch of nostalgia! It’s amazing how things have changed since I caught the fishing bug. Nowadays I struggle to squeeze my tackle in a medium sized van! 

I think it’s fair to assume we ALL carry lots of gear these days. But what could you possibly leave behind? It’s all genuinely useful stuff! I also believe in duplicating the most essential bits, but it all adds up in both bulk and weight. The best answer has to be not to get rid of anything, but purchase a Matrix Transporter instead! 

If you’ve watched the entertaining ‘Polly Versus’ series on Club Matrix you’ve no doubt chuckled at the amount of gear Mark Pollard and I carted to the bank for our head-to-head encounter. This was a match with something huge at stake – pride! It was also a venue where neither of us knew what to expect. Imagine if I single-mindedly turned up with just a pole and then Polly started emptying it on the feeder, for instance! It was safer to take the lot and have every possibility covered. I’m sure most sensible match anglers would have done the same.