Jon Arthur lifts the lid on his top perch-tempting tips.

Perch are a fantastic species to target right now. It’s an ideal time of year as they begin to pack on weight in readiness for spawning. As spring approaches, everything is waking up and that includes these power-packed predators! 

I cannot think of a venue that doesn’t hold a population of perch. The smaller ‘wasps’ can sometimes be a nuisance on commercial fisheries, but on natural waters I think everything’s welcome. I class a 1lb perch as a big one and anything over 2lb is a specimen. A 3lb perch is a very special fish indeed! 

Regardless of their size I think they’re a cracking species to target and they always put up a good scrap. A bonus perch has helped me win many a prize. They’ve also saved me a few dry nets over the years! Here’s some top tips to put a few more perch in your nets.