Commercial ace Shaun Little explains his cost-effective ‘fishing across’ technique for big nets of summer F1s!

Fishing in the shallow water up to an island is one of the most effective ways to catch fish on commercials. When you fish in the correct depth of water and have your rig and feeding just right, it can quite literally be like shelling peas - and a big weight of fish can be amassed very quickly.

However, ‘fishing across’ can also lead to some real nightmares! Fish in the wrong depth of water, or get your feeding or rig wrong and you can soon end up with line bites, foul hookers, lost fish and a general disaster!

Believe me, I have been in a fair few situations like this myself - but over the years, I like to think I have been able to refine my ‘fishing across’ tactics to such an extent that now, usually I can fulfil my pegs potential.