So while the lockdown continues and we are all slowly starting to run out of jobs that the other half has found for us to do around the house! There is now plenty of time for most of us to get some prep done for when the time comes, and we are finally allowed back onto the bank.

Now, if like me, the job of tying hooks and rigs is far from the top of the list when it comes to things I like to spend my time doing, then I'm sure most would agree that any steps to make this a quicker and more productive task would be more than welcomed. So, for this little feature I’d like to focus on just a couple of changes that I have made and my thinking behind my choices, that mean when it comes to tying hooklegnths, I am only ever spending time preparing kit that I am 100% going to use.

First up for me in making my preparation time as productive as possible was reducing the amount of different hook patterns that I was using, as this had started to become a real problem in terms of both sourcing some of the older patterns and also the sheer space it was all taking up in my hook boxes!