We couldn’t let a day on the bank with Jamie pass without picking his brains for some top tips, so straight after the match at The Laurels we asked him to give us ten tips to help you improve your commercial fishing.

Tip 1 - Fish as short as possible: I know a lot of fisheries have hooklength rules but where I can I always like to fish with a 2-3 inch hooklength on the method, I just feel that it helps me hit more bites as the bolt effect of the rig is greatly improved.

Tip 2 – Quick Change: Today’s match was the perfect example of why you need to be using a quick change feeder system, I was able to switch between sizes of feeder in seconds and in such a tight match those seconds are the difference between winning and coming second. I actually swapped between a small and medium Open Method Feeder and used 15g, 25g and 32g during the day.