Mention the waggler to anyone who fishes a commercial and they’ll automatically presume you’re fishing a pellet waggler. But surely the waggler is more than a one trick pony? We asked Mark Pollard to catch us a net of fish on the waggler but with one small twist, pellets were banned!

Fishing a waggler is one of my favourite methods, in fact if we go back more years than I care to remember I used to fish a small waggler on canals using squat and pinkies. I’d think nothing of doing this for 5 hours and quite often I’d beat those fishing the pole.

I suppose this has always given me confidence in the waggler and I’ll often set one up on commercials although unlike most anglers I rarely fish it in the way most people expect. To me the waggler is an effective and very efficient way of catching quality silvers on commercials and this often see’s me using one bait in particular, maggots.