The Irish festival scene has had a huge rise in popularity in the past few years and in turn winning over on the emerald isle is becoming increasingly difficult. Well that’s the case for most although if you’re a certain Mark Pollard it seems that winning in Ireland is about as easy as….. getting your hands on a pint of Guinness! We joined him on his return from another successful visit to Ireland where he managed to frame in five out of five festivals!

Fish to win:

I would say the most important nugget of advice I could give to anyone visiting Ireland who wants to do well is be positive. The fishing is Ireland when I was last there, (for a full 5 weeks in September), was the best I’ve ever known it and with such good fishing on offer you have to make the most of it. Fishing for skimmers and roach in the UK may be about fine lines and small hooks but for feeder fishing the past few weeks I’ve been using 0.14 main line and a size 14 or 16 hook!