Getting bites when the temperature drops isn’t always easy and certainly requires a bit of patience. This is something that I learnt last winter when I made a few mistakes by not giving a swim or tactic enough time. I think I was still in a summer mindset and expected a quick response when I made a change but that isn’t always the case when you’re only looking for a few fish in a session.

Today I’m at Wold View Fishery that’s run by Steve Gregory. Steve’s a fantastic angler and has given me loads of great advice when I’ve been here fishing the matches and has really helped me progress with my fishing.

Although the winter sun is shining bright today it’s been freezing the past couple of days and the wind really has a chill to it that could make the fishing difficult.

I’ve decided to come on Canal to try to get out the strong wind and I’ve sat on quite a sheltered peg, but it’s also an area that holds a few fish so I’m hoping for a few bites today if I get things right.