When targeting F1s in summer the target is often a big weight and large numbers of fish. It’s therefore vital to focus on the key areas of a peg that allow you to maximise a catch. On a snake lake, the shallowest areas of your peg are prime targets, both down the edge and tight across to the far bank mud. Depths from 12 to 20 inches are ideal. Margins deeper than this can be problematic as the fish will often rise off the bottom as they compete, which can lead to foul hookers and un-hittable bites. 

The other key tactic is fishing shallow. On a snake lake that is ideally down the middle, within throwing rage. On larger open water lakes feeding a long-pole swim with a catapult is generally better. I personally like to fish around 14.5 metres if I can, so long as the conditions are favourable.