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Ethos XR-S Feeder Rods 3.3m & 3.5m

Product Overview

  • Developed using a soft slim blank ideal light feeder fishing
  • Ideal for playing silver fish like Skimmers, Hybrids and Roach
  • Available in two lengths, 3.3m & 3.5m
  • Two-piece rods designed to break down equally
  • Collapsed Length: 3.3m-169cm, 3.5m-179cm
  • Perfect for casting small feeders short to medium range
  • Casting weight: 3.3m-30g, 3.5m-35g
  • Supplied with two 2.2mm carbon tips (0.5oz & 1.0oz)
  • Lightweight XOG SG Guides throughout
  • Durable rubber cork and EVA composite handle
  • Rod weight: 3.3m-164cm 3.5m-166cm
  • Provided in a premium storage bag


XR-S Spare Tips

  • 2mm diameter
  • Compatible with XRS rods only
  • Ultra-sensitive tips
  • XOG-N SG Guides
  • Minimal colour indicator
  • Available in 0.5oz, 1.0oz, 1.5oz