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Matrix MTX V2 Margin 2 Pole 11m

Product Overview

This pole delivers where most margin poles fall short, the length. At 11m you’ll never find yourself unable to reach those inviting margin swims and resident big fish. The MTX V2 has been developed and improved to offer better balance and performance at its full length.

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  • Designed to combat the strains that huge weights and large fish put poles under, this model will deal with it all.
  • Offers incredible durability whilst retaining balance and rigidity, specifically developed for modern commercial carp fishing.
  • The MTX V2 Margin 2 uses the same mandrel as the whole MTX range which makes it fully interchangeable.
  • All feature our MST layering technology, Glide tape finish and Reinforced 1k carbon weave joints.
  • No3 and No4 sections are fitted with Matrix protective nose cones.
  • All top kits come fitted with PTFE bushes and our Revolve Side Pullers fitted.
  • EVA bungs come fitted to all mini extensions to help prevent pole damage.

 MTX V2 Margin 2 Pole 11m Package includes:

  • 11m MTX V2 Margin 2 Pole
  • 3x Power Kit 1 (Total number of top kits including the top kit inside the pole)
  • 1x Pole Sleeve

 MTX V2 Margin 2 Pole 11m product details:

  • Length: 11m (exactly with mini extension)
  • Closed Length: 1800mm
  • No of sections: 7
  • Weight @ 11m 766g

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