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The Nemesis is a top-of-the range 16m pole that is ready for everything you want it to do. Ultra stiff, the Nemesis is brilliant when fished at 13m, 14.5m and 16m due to the mandrel taper and carbon construction. Built from extra stiff high modulus carbon, using the latest advanced resins, the Nemesis not only feels ultra stiff in use, it is strong enough to cope with match carp fishing. For easy shipping, especially at full length, the surface has an easy-slip finish which slides easily through your hands. To prevent accidental damage the Nemesis comes with two ultra strong section saver mini extensions. These fit into the base of sections 9 to 12 and provide extra strength where the pole sits in a seatbox pole recess or under the elbow. The joints on all sections are also reinforced to reduce wear. The Nemesis is available as a standard package offering a comprehensive selection of top kits or can be customised to suit your personal preference at the time of ordering. A selection of top kits is available, including a Puller Kit which is fitted with a reinforced elastic slot with a PFTE low friction insert.