Jamie Hughes - Matrix Submerged - Pole Fishing

Jamie Hughes joins Rob Hughes for the next instalment of Matrix Submerged. This time it's pole fishing and we have never seen before, underwater footage of just how your feed and rig behaves underwater. If you want to know how to catch more carp and f1's then you certainly need to be watching this....

Jon Arthur - Spring Margin Masterclass

Jon Arthur visits the Glebe fishery in an attempt to catch some easrly spring margin carp! Jon shows how he would tackle the margins, running through his pole rigs, how and what to feed, along with catching a net full of fish along the way!


SLIK - When, where and what size?

We get asked all the time about when and where to use Slik and what size you should use. Jon Arthur takes a comprehensive look at Slik elastic, explains when to use each size and shares some top advice along the way!

Get on the bread feeder

Just before lockdown we joined Jamie Harrison at Lindhome Lakes where he showed a brilliant feeder tactic for commercials...

Catch Everything In Your Peg

With the temperature still not climbing that quickly the fishing can still be difficult, we asked Jon Arthur to pass on some expert advice on catching everything that swims...