Jamie Hughes - Shallow Fishing Masterclass

We reveal the tactics used by JAMIE HUGHES to qualify for his 9th consecutive Fish'o'Mania Final. Brush up on your carp shallow fishing with this informative guide from one of the best angler's in the country! 

Gear Up Like An Ethos Pro!

Luggage is an essential part of every angler’s setup, so we got Jon Arthur to explain the key items he uses and why. 

Hooklength Prep with Jamie Hughes

Do you ever think you have too many variations of hooklengths tied up? If you do then this advice from Jamie Hughes could be very useful...


Commando Missions!

Jon Arthur explains a setup for mini fishing trips, short practices and what he fondly refers to as his commando-style missions!

Jamie Harrison's Feeder Choices

If you're confused about the many feeders in the shops and want to know how and when to use each style then Jamie Harrison explains is all right here....